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VALD Performance DynaMo Plus

At Lifestyle Physiotherapy, we use the latest technology to diagnose and treat our patients. Chat with your Physiotherapist to find out if any of these services could benefit you.

VALD Performance Systems at Lifestyle Physiotherapy

VALD Performance supply products that help us to understand human movement, performance, injury risk, and inform rehabilitation. Currently, ForceDecks are only available at our Hamilton Clinic.

VALD Performace Systems allows:

Insight into performance, injury risk and rehabilitation

VALD systems are great for all of our patients, they offer unparalleled insight into musculoskeletal and neural performance. These systems can be used in the elderly population to give feedback on balance, concussion rehabilitation, post-operative rehabilitation and in athletes who are wanting to find the 1% that can improve their performance.

VALD Performance DynaMo Plus

The handheld and modular design of DynaMo Plus measures 300+ strength and ROM test types. With its Smart Attachments and integrated display, it enables accessible musculoskeletal measurement for our Physiotherapists.

  • Measure strength and range of motion 

  • Highly modular system 

  • Auto-detect

  • Smart Attachments 

  • View real-time data on-screen and in-app

VALD Performance ForceDecks

Force platforms have long been confined to university laboratories, but ForceDecks finally makes them accessible to the public and practical for day-to-day use in our Hamilton clinic.

ForceDecks allows quick and easy assessment of stability, strength and movement, and it’s all analysed by our Physiotherapists with a single click.

ForceDecks dual force plates also enable unparalleled insights into neuromuscular performance, asymmetries and movement strategies.

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