I’m Kyle and I’ve been with Lifestyle Physiotherapy since 2018. 

I’ve always been interested in science, exercise and sport so chose physiotherapy as my career. After completing my degree at AUT I worked in a private practice in Morrinsville for five years. I am passionate about further broadening my skills and knowledge base, and put a lot of time in to this through reading, online courses, and special interest groups.

I have a keen interest in sports and have played almost everything under the sun including tennis, rugby, rugby league, soccer, softball, basketball and cricket. In more recent years I have trained and competed in Crossfit with a special interest in the Olympic weightlifting that came with that. I am a qualified weightlifting coach and specialize in the management of barbell sport athletes including weightlifting, Crossfit and powerlifting. It is also a personal passion to destigmatize resistance training and I enjoy introducing other patient populations to the functional benefits that can be attained.

At Lifestyle Physiotherapy we’re a good team of down to earth people who are family oriented. I enjoy the flexible work environment that allows time for reading and other areas of interest. My varied background and interests help me to understand my patients’ needs and form a strong clinical alliance that when combined with an evidence-based approach provides a top quality physiotherapy experience.

Away from work, I am a keen outdoorsman and try to get out hunting or fishing whenever I can.


BHSc Physiotherapy (AUT) -
Qualified weightlifting coach -


- Waikato under 16s Rugby
- Harpequins under 17s Rugby
- Chiefs Under 20's Rugby
- Waikato Women’s Rugby
- Private and semi rural private practice work
- Dry needling



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