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5 Physio Tips to Prevent Winter Sports Injury

1) Warm up: It is always important to make sure our muscles and joints are ready for activity, and in the cooler months it might take a little more effort. Some body weight exercises, a brisk walk before running, and some gentle dynamic stretching are good ways to warm up before heading out and getting active. This only needs to take a few minutes, but can save you the misfortune of pulling a muscle! Our physios are always happy to guide you through something specific to your needs.

2) Ease in to it: If you haven’t been too active recently or are trying something new, our advice would be to start slowly and build your exercise tolerance. Rather than starting with a half marathon, run a few kilometres and slowly build up each week. If you are getting back in to a winter sport, make sure you have been along to team trainings so your body is ready for sport specific movements.

3) Appropriate footwear: Our feet and knees take a lot of the brunt with dynamic activity, so make sure you have footwear that is appropriate for what you are doing. Head in to our friends at The Shoe Clinic on Victoria St and they can make sure you have what you need:

4) Recover well: Warming down, stretching, and ensuring you hydrate and fuel your body after exercise, will help your body to recover and be ready to go again the next day, as well as keep muscles and joints in good condition!

5) Enjoy!! Make sure you find an exercise you enjoy. Moving is great for our body, and if it is something you enjoy there is more chance you will stick with it. Keeping physically active is a great way to preserve joints, and keep you fit well in to the twilight years.

At Lifestyle Physiotherapy, we are experts at what we do. Our approach is holistic; you are more than a body part! We listen to you so we can make sure you are best able to meet the demands and needs of your individual circumstances, as pain free as possible.

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