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What is Floating?

Floating is designed to increase physical and mental well-being through deprivation of the senses. The process itself is completely natural, and simpler than you might think. It involves lying in a tank filled with body temperature water and enough Epsom salts to keep you buoyant. The tank is also completely dark and soundproof, resulting in sensory deprivation. This minimises activity in the brain, and allows your mind and body to fully relax. If you are concerned about having the lid down or lights off, don't worry we can provide solutions! 

Benefits of Floating

Floating can help with the following areas:

Restores Energy | Relieves Stress & Anxiety| Reduces Pain & Stiffness | Improves Sleeps | Improves Circulation | Improves Athletic Performance | Increases Mental Clarity |  Faster Injury Recovery & Rehabilitation

How much does it cost?

Check out our prices below, and remember you can use our Gift Voucher service if there is someone special that you think may need it. 

Single 60 Minute Float: $85.00 
Express Float (45 Minutes): $60.00 
Introductory 3 Float Package: $175.00
Three 60 Minute Floats: $240.00
Student - $60.00 (Weekdays only 10am-5pm)

Discover the benefits of Float membership, enquire within for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to bring anything? No, not even your togs. we provide everything you’ll need for your Float. The Float is private so you don’t wear anything at all, but you can wear togs or a bikini if you feel more comfortable. You will be supplied with towels to use, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash, and we have face and body moisturiser for after your Float.  Click below to see more frequently asked questions.

Don't just take our word for it...

See what others have to say! From having the best sleeps after, to faster injury recovery, we have heard it all and compiled the feedback for your viewing. Please see the link below:

Making a booking

Ready to start and free yourself from stress, anxiety and pain the natural way? Simply make a booking online by clicking the link below. From there you will be sent a booking confirmation email with all the details for your Floating session.

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